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Types of Jewelry That You're Unaware Of

One would not go to a party or ball without completing his/her look by wearing a pair of elegant earrings, sparkling bracelets or a nice captivating necklace and etc.

Jewelry does not just enhance one's appearance but it has been a significant way to show one's status as well. For some reason it could also signal how much wealth one has. Jewelry has been worn as an accessory for over centuries now. In Predynastic Egypt jewelry soon began to symbolize political and religious power in the community as it had first signs of jewelry establishment making in around 3,000–5,000 years ago.

Jewelry also has a lot of variations. The metal types commonly used to make jewelry include Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, Silver, Tungsten and Stainless Steel. From crude jewelry made from natural elements like wood or rock to quality pieces using precious metals and gemstones. Wearing any types of jewelry serves as a finishing touch of how good your appearance you would like to become.

Nowadays, the world already has a wide range of styles, sets and stores to go to, to choose for any available jewelry. From cheap costume to expensive diamonds. Gold, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are made in every preferable shape size and form that will add perfection towards enhancing one's appearance.

Xenista Jewelry has a number of jewelry for any type of events or themes one would engage. These are being divided into collections. These collection of jewelry is sterling plated, then coated with an anti-tarnish formula for a luxurious look and durability. 

Collegiate Jewelry - Going to join a cheering competition and is proud to represent your school? Go with these set of jewelry collection. It's perfect clothing and would surely add a tiny spark of elegance in your casual clothing.  Officially licensed Tide Necklace that is hypoallergenic and free from lead, nickel, and cadmium.

Military - Who says Military can't wear jewelry? It may not be suitable during wars but it can be bought as a gift or memento to your loved ones serving for the entire country with proud and bravery. Show off your support by wearing or as a gift for any US Army Moms.

State Pride - Going to support your favorite Basketball team? Hockey team or whatever sports your team is in? Then show off to everyone else your support and how proud you are to be born in your State! Get any of these State Pride jewelry and wear it as a sign of your immeasurable solid support.

Occupations -  A good jewelry matching your professional look will surely bring that little bossy side of you. It will not just add confidence on how you'll face the stressful day ahead, it can also attract positive things to happen along the way. Each jewelry is designed to suit your everyday work style and comfort.

Awareness - These type of jewelry can be worn as a signage of the types of illnesses one is experiencing and how you are supporting in making it better and for giving important information on how to overcome it for the rest. These little help extends greater positive impact to those who are feeling not under the weather or anyone who's on his/her last legs.

Firefighter Jewelry - Does it appear to be weird? But yes, you read it right and we have it just right for you. We have jewelry fit for your firefighter loved ones! Imagine how touching it would be if they ever receive a jewelry gift designed to empower their passion! Truly a once in a blue moon treasure.

Nurses Jewelry - Just like firefighter jewelry, we also made a special craft dedicated to our selfless and hardworking nurses. They may not be able to use it while working on their field but these are perfect as gifts! Just the right way to convey how they aspire to help everyone in need.

Dog Lover -  You can wear it while taking your dog out to the park to play or a quick stroll at the neighborhood. Show to the world how much you love and treasure your dog(s) by wearing these representation of how lovely, active and cute they are!

There are still lots of jewelry that one can wear depending on how you give meaning to each one of them. One thing is for sure and that is undeniable, these small pieces of eye catching gems are for sure brilliant! Don't let time put your style a thing in the past. Gear up your appearance with exciting and colorful sparkles!