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5 Top Careers You can choose and be Proud Of

5 Top Careers You can choose and be Proud Of

5 Top Careers You can choose and be Proud Of

Deciding on what you would like to become when you hit adulting stage is not a piece of a cake. You have to set a goal and be confident that you will reach it with dedication and perseverance. You may fall to a wrong path as there are thousands of jobs you thought suits you but leaves you feeling empty, drained and soulless.

Being proud of your career is a great factor that will contribute you to stay on track. Although there is no specific route in achieving that sense of pride. There are a lot of kinds of jobs and, as we all know, they differ in many areas. Similar to how people differ from one another. There are careers that will help you grow. There are careers that extends your help by saving people's lives. These careers will leave you feeling fulfilled and worthy of being alive. Now, that is something that we can be proud of and continue living and doing whatever job we have and love to do.

1. Fire and Emergency Services - It might be scary as you will be out there in the field saving people's lives and fortunes but the feeling of having this successfully accomplished will give you a big self-fulfillment and pride. The right amount of time you'll spend into your training as a member of the fire and emergency services is already powerful enough to help your community.

2. Teacher - Patience is the value that will come up as you start aiming for becoming a teacher. Passing knowledge from one generation to another generation is not easy though the most wonderful task you can do. Forming life attachments, helping them shape their future and help them grow to discover more ideas is life worth keeping. It's similar to planting a seed and the hard work you put until it grows to become a beautiful plant. The pride that you will feel as soon as your students graduate and have a life on their own is beyond amazing.

3. Doctor and Nurse - Learning and mastering this occupation is like dedicating your life to be always ready to help, save or nurse people back to health. The hardships and the immense amount of pressure and emotional difficulty will be paid of as soon as you hear the pacemaker creates a life indication sound. The gratitude of worried families and the thank you's that you will receive weighs a million times self-fulfilling compared to the times you struggle of having the course passed in college. Saving a life is indeed something you can be proud of!

4. Military - Dedicating your life in making sure that your countrymen is safe is the true definition of what it feels to be proud. The armed forces have always been seen and regarded as a noble and worthy profession. Just like any other careers, serving for the love of your country is being highly acknowledge in every country. The sense of achievement is unlike any other. The sense of pride is a trillion times heavier as you are taking care of the entire nation, country. We all know that it has it's downside but why think of it if you truly love your job and country? Being a patriot is like carrying the pride everyday of your life.

5. Entrepreneur - A big or small business won't matter as long as you are doing a hard work in making a big business become bigger and a small business become the biggest. The feeling of joy and pride will come as soon as you started getting clients one at a time. Goods are selling in good pace and you hiring for people for assistance is a good indication that you are doing good. Being positive in this career is important and of course, you loving it. In time you wouldn't notice that there will be people working for you and that's when you can feel satisfaction and success. Dream big!